UPEK Eikon Digital Privacy Manager Fingerprint Reader Used

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The UPEK Eikon Digital Privacy Manager (Left) is a slim fingerprint reader with design and aesthetics in mind. With the Eikon, a finger sliding track is designed into the device to make it obvious to the user where to put the finger to begin, and guide its moving track as the fingerprint is scanned (More on this fingerprint reading method shortly). Its raised front design is quite comfortable to use; where the back is relatively flat and the front is raised sharply. The highest point is near the front — where the fingerprint scanning is completed and the user is supposed to remove their finger from this point.

The ‘UPEK’ logo and letters lights up blue and flashes like a HDD LED as fingerprints are being read.

The bottom of this device grips adequately with a standard, flat desk surface to prevent unnecessary and/or excessive sliding when the user’s fingerprint is read.


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