Digital Persona U.are.U. 4500 Fingerprint Reader Used

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U.are.U 4500 Description:

The DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader is a High Durability, elegant, powerful fingerprint identity machine. With an executive-class look and feel, the U.are.U 4500 reader is perfect for power users and shared environments. Its design is sleek and compact to conserve valuable desk space but it stays right where you put it because of its nice heft and special undercoating. Bayometric. offers a wide variety of biometric security devices such as DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 USB Fingerprint Reader.

U.are.U 4500 is a rugged fingerprint reader. It works equally well with dry, moist to rough fingerprints. It features blue LED lighting and has a small form factor.
It’s integration with applications is enabled through the U are U SDKs. It is compatible with most of the U are U SDKs available in the market. This eases the development and deployment of applications which use the U.are.U 4500 as their fingerprint reader.
The image quality of scanned fingerprints is excellent. It features counterfeit finger rejection which is quite handy for fraud-detection. On the same lines it features latent print rejection as well. The fingerprint data is secured via encryption. U.are.U 4500 boasts of superior ESD resistance and is rotation invariant.
USB fingerprint reader with superior ESD resistance.
Utilizes optical fingerprint scanning technology.
Works well with dry, moist, or rough fingerprints.
STQC and FIPS 201 PIV certified.


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